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For measuring and logging changes in crack width in the Range ± 5 mm with a resolution of 5µm. Climate log with built in temperature and humidity sensors as optional extra.

A small, impact resistant and waterproof casing contains an enormously powerful analysis system, comprising an electronic hi-resolution 12-bit crack analysis, a RISC-microcontroller, memory up to 64,000 sets of measurement, and a quartz real time unit.

The integrated Hi-Speed Crack-Monitoring facilitates secure and precise recognition of even extremely short oscillations.

Battery operated for Up to 2 Years operation with one set of Bateries (2 x AA).  All data in the memory remain securely stored, even in zero Volt condition. 

Rissfox Mini 11

After installation of the sensor across the crack (simply glued to the building with the hi-bond adhesive included in the supply), the system automatically starts the logging process previously programmed via note book. Alternatively, it may be activated by no touch solenoid. The data logger records  the measurement data at previously selected frequency. 

The inclusion of climate sensors facilitates the recording of changes in the crack, caused by climatic influences. Therefore it offers the identification of changes in crack width due to:


  • mechanical
  • thermal and
  • humidity



Technical Data

  • Memory for 16.000 Sets of Readings (extendable up to 64.000)
  • Logging frequency freely programmable from 1 second to 24 hours
  • Free programmable, fully automatic Start – Stop service, or endless loop storage
  • Integrated quartz clock for real time and real time calendar
  • Range of measurement (Crack Width): 10 mm (± 5 mm)
  • Resolution: 2,5 µm
  • Crack-Sensor with measuring range 75mm availsble on Request
  • Hi-Speed crack monitoring with up to 100 Hz
  • Sensor-tare and System Start via solenoid
  • Climate sensors for ambient temperature and humidity as optional extra
  • Calibration of the climate sensors is not necessary
  • Range of climatic measurements: -20º to 70º C/0% to 100% rH
  • Resolution: 0,1º C/ 0,1% rH
  • Tolerance: <0,4º C/<3,0% rH; optional <0,3º C/<1,8%rH
  • Evaluation and Configuration with the optional Software
  • Min/Max-monitoring for continuous Climate Check
  • Alarm terminal for Text, Telefon etc.
  • Certificate of calibration on request
  • All data stored in memory remain secure in zero volt condition
  • Mains independent
  • Up to 2 years service with 1 Set of batteries (2 x AA)
  • Impact resistant and water proof casing
  • Wall mounting possible, with hidden screws
  • Maße Data-Logger (H x B x T): 88 x 120 x 50 mm
  • Extendable up to 5 crack sensors, up to 100m remote from unit, with Multisensor Modul
  • Message Module sends alarm to up to 5 telephone nos. (optional)
  • With RF Module, Data transmission and Alarm function via e-mail and TEXT, on call and initiated.



A powerful addition, with four additional incoming Sensor-Terminals and flexible outgoing Alarm facility, for direct Connection to the RISSFOX Base Unit.

The Alarm facility covers all Sensors connecting into this unit and can be easily set at individually suited configuration. By specifying Crucial Parameters, like exceeding a pre-set Value of Movement, or a pre-determined Alarm-Threshold, the stored addresses of the receipients will immediately notified. The Alarm-Mode can also be configured for delayed activation, so that the Alarm is raised only, once a notifyable condition has occurred and prevailed for a pre-set period of time. For the actual transmission of an alarm, as well as data transfer, the RF Module is required.


  • Terminals for up to 4 additional Crack-Analysis-Sensors
  • Storage of Measuring Data in the Base Unit
  • Connection to Data Logger via the flexible Universal Bus
  • Range of Measurement: 10 mm (+/- 5mm)
  • Specially extended Range of Measurement: 75 mm, available on special request
  • Resolution of Analysis: 2,5μm (0.0025 mm)
  • Crack-Sensor connecting cable length up to 100 m (not included)
  • Zeroing of Sensor/Tare of System, via Solenoid
  • LED System and Battery Status indicator
  • Alarm Out for TEXT-Alarm, e-mail Alarm, Acoustic Alarm etc.
  • Alarm Delay and Alarm Threshold freely programmable
  • Integrated Quartz Clock for Alarm Delay
  • Simple Configuration with the Analysis-Software
  • Immediate combination with the RF-Module (Remote Data Transmission -System)
  • Power Source: 4 x AA Batteries (Standard Alcaline High Performance)
  • Simple Battery Replacement. Operation Life up to 2 Years
  • Calibration Certificates for all Sensors available on Request
  • Impact and Spray Water resistant System Casing
  • Wall-Installation (hidden fastening system)
  • Dimensions (H x L x W) 88 x 160 x 50 mm, Weight incl. Batteries 350g



For wireless bi-directional Transmission of Data and Alarm Impulses, mobile and fully automatically, world wide, via e-mail or Text.

This RF-Module represents an enormously powerful Remote-Data-Transmission System for mobile wireless Data Communication world wide. It accommodates 2 Data Logger Units inclusive of their subsidiary attachments. All Measuring Data stored will be transferred automatically per e-mail at regular intervals. Where ever you are, you can evaluate the Data on your computer, exactly as if you were present at the measuring site. If interim data are required urgently, just dial the RF-Module and you will receive all information instantly

Two Alarm-In Terminals facilitate the flexible notification via e-mail or Text. The complete System is mains-independent and receives the power required from standard AAA-Batteries. One Set of Batteries is sufficient to send hundreds of e-mails within one year (dependant upon Memory Capacity of the Data-Logger). A mains Adapter is also available as optional extra. In the event of a power failure, or low battery level, the unit will send a notification. Simple and comfortable Configuration of the RF-Unit by means of the Analysis Software on your PC.


  • Fully automated transmission of Measurement-Data via e-mail, from a pre-determined starting point and at intervals as required
  • Accommodates two complete Data-Logger Systems and their subsidiary attachments
  • Two Alarm-In Terminals vor Alarm via e-mail or Text (incl. Delayed Alarm)
  • Facilitates Random Call-Up of Data (Mains Operated)
  • Takes up to 10 individually determined e-mail addresses and Cell-Phone Numbers
  • High Reliability due to automated Warning Signals (Low Battery etc), LED Status Indicator, System Test on Site via Solenoid
  • The optional Software facilitates flexible Configuration.
  • Integrated Quartz-Clock and real time Calendar
  • Powered by 8 AAA Batteries, or optional Mains Adaptor
  • Battery Capacity for up to 100 Memory Call Ups at 64,000 Data Sets
  • Accepts all SIM-Cards with GPRS-Internet Access
  • Special Aerial available on request
  • Dimensions: (H x L x W ) 60 x 150 x 100 mm, Weight 300 g without Batteries


Completely Independent, Intelligent and Battery-Powerded Supply Unit for Text- Alarm-Systems. Accommodates up to 4 Data-Logger Systems including subsidiary Attachments. Powered by 4 AA Batteries, the Power-Pack-Module supplies the System for up to 2 years. 

A new Dimension in Digital Analysis of Crack-Behaviour


Price €

Rissfox Mini Logger incl. Crack-, temperature/-humidity Sensor (16,000)


Rissfox Mini Logger,incl. Crack-Sensor only (16,000 Data Sets)


Driver Software and Interface Cable USB


Multi Sensor Module


Module for RF communication


Module for Alarm per TEXT


Power-Pack for TEXT Alarm Module


Crack-Sensor 10mm Measuring Range, 2 m Sensor Cable


Crack-Sensor 75mm Measuring Range, 2 m Sensor Cable


Prices quoted are exclusive of P&P and VAT and are correct as of 01/2014