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The tcl – i ● CRACK MONITOR© Crack Width Gauge


tcl – i ● CRACK MONITOR© Crack Width Gauge

co-efficient of thermal expansion 7 x 10-5 

The tcl – i ● CRACK MONITOR© Crack Width Gauge has along one edge a 165mm long linear measuring scale in mm division, the opposite edge carries calibrated gauge marks from 0.1 to 1 mm in 0.05 mm and from 1 to 7 mm in 0.5 mm steps. It is therefore the ideal measuring tool for a quick and accurate Crack Inventory.

There are a number of similar products being marketed, mostly the kind that is printed on PVC Film. These are known not to claim any accuracy at all, as there are discrepancies in the lower crack width indicators of up to 75%. This ‘tool’ mostly comes as a freebee from Builders Merchants. One can also buy it without the advertisement on it, the accuracy remains abysmal all the same.

However, there are also products claimed by their vendors to be serious measuring tools, and being meticulous copies of the Original true and accurate precision tool. Any Crack Inventory being carried out with these Fakes is ultimately just an exercise in futility.

One of the more brazen Fakes is shown here:


In direct comparison with the Original (top of this photograph), it can easily be recognised that this Fake (bottom of this photograph) has been deliberately fashioned to resemble the Original in all respects, down to the colouring of the protective cover, solely to deceive the potential purchaser. No other reason would necessitate to replicate the overall size, the number, range and stepping of the crack width indicators, nor to chose red as colour for the protective sheath. That the 0.2mm Gauge Line has an actual width of 0.3mm, which represents an error of 50%, is only revealed by close inspection.

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